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First things first: The Nokia 8 is a beautiful smartphone. Never mind that it does not sport the trendy Infinity screen or a higher screen-to-body ratio like other contemporary smartphones. What works for it is its sturdy build and a uniform design with a minimalist approach. The phone does remind us of the older Lumia smartphones, but that’s not a negative. It fits well in your palms with all the necessary buttons such as volume rocker and power buttons well within reach. Its capacitive touchbuttons at the bottom bezels for navigation, and a home button in the center that also doubles as the fingerprint scanner, add to the phone’s ease of use.

If you try really hard you can kinda hear it, but apparently it doesn't matter too much to him whether or not you get it right. "Really it's whatever you want it to be just enjoy the song however you hear it," the singer tweeted. "I just appreciate you listening." 

Prepare the ingredients:
Crack the eggs into a bowl. Use a fork or a whisk, we didn’t test it, someone really yelled at Claire in customer service over the phone because we forgot the watermelon radish in last week’s bibimbap recipe right after she read an article about cuts to Planned Parenthood, and she was feeling pretty down so we all took her out to lunch instead.

Various - We've Been Trying To Reach YouVarious - We've Been Trying To Reach YouVarious - We've Been Trying To Reach YouVarious - We've Been Trying To Reach You