Various - feel the bass vol. 1

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In classical music , the bassline is always written out for the performers in musical notation . In orchestral repertoire, the basslines are played by the double basses and cellos in the string section , by bassoons , contrabassoons , and bass clarinets in the woodwinds and by bass trombones , tubas and a variety of other low brass instruments. In symphonies from the Classical period, a single bassline was often written for the cellos and basses; however, since the bass is a transposing instrument, and it is notated an octave higher than it sounds, when cellos and basses play the same bassline, the line is performed in octaves, with the basses an octave below the cellos. By the end of the Classical period, with Beethoven's symphonies, cellos and double basses were often given separate parts. In general, the more complex passages and rapid note sequences are given to the cellos, while the basses play a simpler bassline. The timpani (or kettledrums) also play a role in orchestral basslines, albeit confined in 17th and early 18th century works to a few notes, often the tonic and the dominant below it. In a small number of symphonies, the pipe organ is used to play basslines.

One of the most important modal bass scales, the Dorian modal has a folky sound, and is a useful scale to use with minor seventh chords.

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Graphite stiffening rods are optional in Super Bass necks. They weigh less than steel and contribute to a warmer tone. Warmoth uses taller rods than normal to achieve steel-like rigidity. Shallow slots are cut on the underside of the fingerboard to accomodate their extra height.

From the mid-1960s to the late '80s, Saul and Elaine moved away from main titles to focus on filmmaking and their children. About this time away from title design, Saul said: [9]

Various - Feel The Bass Vol. 1Various - Feel The Bass Vol. 1Various - Feel The Bass Vol. 1Various - Feel The Bass Vol. 1